Can a person leave property in their Will to a revocable trust in Florida?

My Father made a revocable trust in 1999 and later made a Will. In his Will it states that the farm goes to the trust to be handed in accordance with the terms of the trust. Is this legal?Yes. In Florida the Florida Probate Code allows leaving property to a trust even if the trust is revocable provided the conditions of the statute are met.
Other than if the trust has been revoked would the property not transfer to the trust. It would be administered in the trust, not the estate.

732.513 Devises to trustee.—
(1) A valid devise may be made to the trustee of a trust that is evidenced by a written instrument in existence at the time of making the will, or by a written instrument subscribed concurrently with making of the will, if the written instrument is identified in the will.
(2) The devise shall not be invalid for any or all of the following reasons:
(a) Because the trust is amendable or revocable, or both, by any person.
(b) Because the trust has been amended or revoked in part after execution of the will or a codicil to it.
(c) Because the only res of the trust is the possible expectancy of receiving, as a named beneficiary, a devise under a will or death benefits as described in s. 733.808, and even though the testator or other person has reserved any or all rights of ownership in the death benefit policy, contract, or plan, including the right to change the beneficiary.
(d) Because of any of the provisions of s. 689.075.
(3) The devise shall dispose of property under the terms of the instrument that created the trust as previously or subsequently amended.
(4) An entire revocation of the trust by an instrument in writing before the testator’s death shall invalidate the devise or bequest.
(5) Unless the will provides otherwise, the property devised shall not be held under a testamentary trust of the testator but shall become a part of the principal of the trust to which it is devised.

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