Do I have to include my children in my will?

In Mississippi, parents generally have the right to distribute their property according to their wishes in a will. This includes the ability to exclude certain children from receiving an inheritance.  It is best to name them and leave them for example $1.00 to make things clear.

However, it’s important to note that Mississippi law does provide protection for children who are unintentionally omitted from a parent’s will. Under Mississippi Code Section 91-5-3, if a child is born or adopted after the execution of the parent’s will and is not provided for in the will, the child may be entitled to a share of the estate equivalent to what they would have received had the parent died intestate (without a will).

Additionally, Mississippi law also recognizes the concept of an “elective share” or right to reonunce for spouses. A surviving spouse may have the right to claim a portion of the deceased spouse’s estate, regardless of what is stated in the will.


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