My husband left his home to his daughter. What rights do I have as his spouse in Mississippi?

In Mississippi, the laws regarding inheritance and property rights can be complex, and the specific circumstances of the situation may have an impact on the wife’s rights. However, some general principles may apply:

  1. Elective Share: Mississippi is not a community property state, but it does have an “elective share” provision. This means that a surviving spouse may have the right to claim a certain portion of the deceased spouse’s estate, even if they were not included in the spouse’s will. The elective share typically provides the surviving spouse with a statutory minimum share, which may vary depending on the state.
  2. Intestate Succession: If the husband did not have a will or if the will is found to be invalid, Mississippi’s intestate succession laws would come into effect. In general, intestate succession laws determine how an individual’s property is distributed when they die without a will. In Mississippi, if the husband died without a will, the wife may be entitled to a portion of his estate, depending on the other surviving relatives.

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