Death Article

Death Death is defined as the ending of life or the total and permanent cessation of all vital functions of the body including the heartbeat, brain activity (including the brain stem),…

Do I have to include my children in my will?

In Mississippi, parents generally have the right to distribute their property according to their wishes in a will. This includes the ability to exclude certain children from receiving an inheritance. …

Does a Trust Need to be Filed?

I am considering using for completing a ‘Living Trust’. Do I have to file the completed documents with a state or county agency. How do I know that these…

Does a Trust Void A Will?

No. The fact that a trust exists doesn’t automatically void a will. A trust and a will may exist as completely separate legal documents.

Does a will cover all my property?

No. For example, if you own pension plan assets, or 401(k) plan assets, or life insurance, or annuities, or property held through a “Trust”, such property and benefits would typically…
Estate Assets

Estate Assets

The assets of the estate include: real property goods chattels personal property choses in action and money of the deceased, or the sale which may have accrued to his estate…

Estate Planning Article

Estate Planning What is Estate Planning? It is a process by which one makes plans for the things important to him or her after death. For example, if you have…
No Will

Excempt Property Inheritance if no Will

Mississippi law provides the following if no Will according to exempt Property like your Homestead. “The property, real and personal, exempted by law from sale under execution or attachment shall,…

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